the secret of the therapeutic effect of natural stones and minerals
I am sure you have heard that natural stones and minerals have their own energy.
Are they used in ancient times?
For thousands of years, healers and magicians have used the healing properties of natural stones, minerals and metals in their practice.

They use them as amulets and talismans, bringing good luck and helping to cope with life difficulties.

As well as the properties of natural minerals and their correct application helps in the treatment of many diseases.

Currently, the energy of natural stones used in alternative medicine. This method of alternative treatment is called lithotherapy (from the Greek. Lithos - stone, terapia - treatment).

Even 6 thousand years ago, people used acupuncture with stone needles to treat.

Everyone knows the healing properties of amber, which in its physical and chemical composition helps to treat many diseases.

For example, iodine contained in amber helps to treat thyroid disease. All known succinic acid, which is sold in a pharmacy, prolongs life.
And what did they think about it in the 20th century?
In 1935, biologist E.I. Badigina discovered a miracle stone from all diseases - carnelian. But different experiments yielded different results - someone was influenced by treatment, but not by someone.

Because of this, the corneal therapy did not receive permission from the USSR Ministry of Health to use it, despite positive studies of the mineral in the neurosurgical institute, the medical center of the Stalin plant, the Botkin hospital, the Leningrad Naval Hospital.
And the secret is that before applying the treatment, you need to find the real cause of poor health. After all, the same symptom can have different causes of the disease.
And astrology and humoral medicine perfectly helps us in this .

According to the Hippocrates theory of humors, the disease occurs when the body is disturbed by the balance of four basic elements - humors (from Lat. Humor - liquid) that make up a person:
  • water (phlegm)
  • fire (yellow bile),
  • air (blood)
  • earth (black bile).
Astrology, and especially the answer to the horary question , helps us find the planet responsible for the disease. Just the position and condition of this planet will show the excess of what humor in the human body caused a specific disease.

Natural stones, minerals and metals
Every natural stone and metal has the energy of a certain planet - the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

For example:
  • Malachite corresponds to the energy of the planet Venus. With its help, you can restore the balance of moisture in the body;
  • Sapphire , if necessary, will help to remove the heat and dry the body. It is ruled by the planet Saturn;
  • Gold , controlled by the Sun, on the contrary, adds dryness and heat to the body.
Knowing the characteristics of natural stones and minerals and determining the planet of the disease, we can select the necessary stone and / or metal to combat the cause of the disease.
What else can help?
Additionally, in the humoral medicine for the treatment of diseases astrodiet and medicinal herbs are used , the properties and application of which must also be carefully studied.

I do not suggest you abandon traditional medicine and the use of pharmaceuticals.

But believe me, an unconventional method of humoral medicine can give a different look at the cause of the disease and eliminate it not only on the physical, but also on the psychosomatic level.
Natural stones and minerals are good assistants in knowledgeable hands.