How to process precious stones
Precious stones are the so-called masterpieces of nature, but at the same time they need processing. It is the master who is able to fully reveal the beauty of the stone, to give it the greatest appeal. Over time, the skill of stone handlers was improved, as were cutting tools. The hardest stones are treated with diamond powder.
Due to the fact that the diamond has a truly incredible hardness, they can process other stones. Also, in addition to diamond powder, you can use olive oil or paraffin as a lubricant. The stone itself, depending on its size, is either simply held in its hands, or clamped in a vice.
After the stone is sawn, it is placed in a special clamp, where it is fixed with a solution of cement. The composition of the solution is specially selected in accordance with the characteristics of the stone. After that, make facets and polishing. Most often, these operations are carried out quickly. Grinding stones with the help of technical means. The stone is fixed accordingly, depending on its faceting.
During this procedure, the master must be very careful and ensure that the stone does not overheat in any case. Weight loss is extremely undesirable during cutting, especially for rare gems. In order to reduce heat, a fusible compound of lead and tin is used. The master needs to check the stone from time to time and make sure that its brilliance and play are not lost.
The remaining oil is removed by placing the stone in sulfuric acid and boiling. Machining is undesirable because it can be the result of a significant loss of material, for this reason rare gems are processed manually. In addition to diamond powder, it is also possible to use carborundum for processing hard stones. For soft stones, emery is used.
Cutting is just one of the steps in the process of stone processing. To work with opaque stones, they use a cabochon, but for sapphires or emeralds, they use a stepped cut. In order for an already cut stone to have an ideal look, gemological tools are used that will improve the stone.