The bulk of the reserves in Russia (about 65%) and about 50% of the world’s known diamond reserves account for the circumpolar regions of the Sakha Republic (Yakutsk diamondiferous province). Approximately 30% of the diamond reserves of Yakutia are located in areas suitable for open-pit mining, and new deposits are located close to existing processing plants, all of which allow for production without particularly large material costs.
In the north-east of Kazakhstan there is a pool of Semizbuga. In addition, corundum deposits are present in the Kyshtym region on the Borzovka river and in the Urals Ilmensky mountains. Sapphires from Sri Lanka are famous for excellent quality indicators and a variety of colors. The most productive region in this country is the Ratnaputra region. Here stones are mined, characterized by the absence of various gas and other inclusions, as well as those with a high content of silky rutile. In Ceylon, stones of all known colors were found, including black sapphire, the cost of which is not particularly high compared with the blue, purple and red counterparts.
The most expensive and sought after stones are obtained in Burma, and their peculiarity is an amazing color: deep red with a bluish tinge. For many years, it was believed that this is the only location of the ruby. However, over time, it was found in other countries: Thailand, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. The advantage of the stone found in these countries is a piercing brilliance that does not tarnish and does not lose strength in any light. A small amount of ruby ​​is also found in Madagascar, Pakistan, the USA, Brazil, Australia, Colombia and Tanzania. Even in Russia found deposits of this precious stone. For example, in the Sigangoy field and in the Urals.